About Yorkshire Ridings

The three Ridings – North, West, East – are the historic divisions of Yorkshire. My 'ridings' are a series of bike trips exploring England's largest county.

(There's no South Riding, because ‘North Riding’ etc is a contraction of ‘North Thirding’. The Vikings thought in threes, much as I do when entering a Wetherspoon.)


27 Nov 2018   New blog post on the first River Ride, along the course of the River Don.

12 Nov 2018   New blog post on my trip to Norway, er, I mean, Malham, earlier this year.

9 Nov 2018   Nice mention of this blog on cyclingeurope.org, the website of bike travelogue author Andrew Sykes.

8 Nov 2018   New blog post on my ride today to Ilkley Moor baht 'at. Please, no arguments about helmet compulsion.

Compass Rides 2017

In 2017 I enjoyed eight rides, each following a compass direction from my home in York to the cyclable extremity of the historic border – see the map on the right.

N: York to Redcar   On-road   3 Apr 2017
NE: York to Robin Hood's Bay   Off-road   31 May–1 Jun 2017
E: York to Bridlington   On-road   21 Apr 2017
SE: York to Spurn Point   Off-road   11–12 Jun 2017
S: York to Harthill   On-road   4 Apr 2017
SW: York to Saddleworth   On-road   5–6 May 2017
W: York to Dunsop Bridge   On-road   25–27 Jul 2017
NW: York to High Force   Off-road   15–17 Oct 2017

River Rides 2019

The next series of rides for 2019 will follow Yorkshire's eight main rivers from source to mouth. The Swale, Ure, Nidd, Wharfe, Aire, Calder, Don and Derwent all flow ultimately into the Ouse not far from York, and their dales and valleys span the entire county – see the map on the right.

Don: Dunford Bridge to Goole   Town bike   26–27 Nov 2018

Other rides

There are also blog posts for other, one-off, trips to various locations. They're listed by place, and also by date, in the menu bar at the side.

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